Email & Internet Scams Beware!

With the increasing amount of email scams and phishing going on, we thought we would give you a few tips to help you from email and internet scams. Although none of our clients have been affected, we would rather be safe than sorry.

If you receive an email or any type of correspondence from someone that claims to be a representative of our company, look for these things:

1) Email/sender address– We never send out business correspondence using a Gmail account. All correspondences will come from our domain: ex. . If you are suspicious about whether or not an email came from us, contact us immediately. We’ll tell you whether or not it came from us.

2) Requests for personal or sensitive information– We never ask for credit card or other sensitive information via email or text. All customer data received from you is entered and stored in a secure database on our servers directly on our website. Also, all invoices are paid and carried out through Stripe or PayPal using a secure connection and we never see your credit card information. Ensure that the payment page clearly states our company name, logo and company billing email address and contact information.

Help us keep your information safe by following these tips.

*We will prosecute anyone illegally using our company name, logo or contact information without our consent for malicious intent.

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