This is where you can find answers to the most common questions prospective clients might have. If you have a question that’s not answered on our FAQ page, contact us. We’ll add the answer to your question here.

I’m Interested In Services, How Do I Get started?

Check out our Getting Started page for a step – by – step walk through. But the process is easy and shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. The first thing you’ll want to do is register as a new client. See our Client Registration page. Once that’s complete, make sure you register to the site so you’ll have full access to the site to view and pay invoices. You can register to the site by clicking on register under site access in the side bar or on the bottom of any page. We can start collaborating within 24 hours from the time we receive your client registration form. You’ll receive a welcome packet in your email after your client registration form is reviewed and approved (within 24 hours of registering).

What If I Need A Service NOT Listed On Your Services page?

We understand that different clients have different needs. We list the most common service requests, but just because it’s not listed doesn’t mean we don’t offer that service. Our list of services is meant to be a guide of service requests we accept, but we’re not limited to only listed services. If you have a special task or project request that you need to ensure we can accomplish, feel free to contact us via phone or email.

Do you Offer Any On-site services?

New! As of July 2017, we now offer on – site data entry and filing. It’s easy to get behind on data entry and filing, but can quickly become a headache when it’s time for you to be audited. Don’t risk being fined or getting in trouble with the corporate office for incomplete, missing, or disorganized data or filing cabinets. We can help. This is offered to local clients only. Mileage and other fees may apply.